Dewey (aka GCh Wychway Noir's Do Over) lives with Lisa Martinchalk outside Pittsburgh, PA. Lisa bought him as a pet, but decided to dip her toes into the show world. DIP? Dewey finished his championship at 14 months old with 5 majors and a single after only 8 weekends of showing! I am so proud of this boy and his Amateur-Owner handler!!

Dewey is co-owned by us and we are looking forward to watching him grow as a special and learn to play in other areas of performance as well

Grand Champion Dewey! So incredibly proud of this team

Wychway Noir's Do Over

CH Honey Tree's GGM Finest Hour BN, RN, MT CHIC

OFA Good, Elbows & cardiac cleared (ultrasound)CHIC

Riverbluff's Wakeful

OFA # 112 Born 6/6/74 Produced the first bloodhound frozen sperm litter in 1986



Lyme-Ho Papilie


Harmonie Du Houx Perce

Ch Be-Coz Sir IC Wellington

B&T one of the first bloodhounds produced by frozen sperm

Ch Wychway's She's Indawggnito RN, MT BBHOF

OFA Good hips OFA elbows clear Cardiac Clear CHIC (B&T (full coat)

Ch Button Bay's Bigg Reddawgg

OFA Hips Fair OFA Elbows clear

Ch Wychway's Needs No Alderation RN, MT, BBHOF

OFA hips Good OFA Elbows Clear OFA cardiac clear PennHIP

Ch Smalltown's Knotty Knoggins

OFA Good OFA elbows clear

Ch Button Bay Hern's Blessing CD, RN, MT, BBHOF

OFA hips Good Elbows Clear Cardiac Clear Pennhip 0.24/0.24

Ch The Nimrod's Touch of the Myth CDX, TDX, MTI

OFA Excellent Hips OFA Elbows clear

Ch Button Bay's Yeager Nochello

OFA Fair elbows clear B&T (full coat)