We don't have litters often. It takes a while for me to forget all the work, sleepless nights and mental anguish that go into producing a litter. Only when I am ready for a new member of the household do I gird my loins and plan a breeding. There are a lot things that go into every planned breeding. But there are at least four things that have to be present before we can look at breeding one of our dogs.

Temperament: It doesn't matter how beautiful a dog is if they have an incorrect temperament. Before all else, our dogs are pets and must be able to be in the house functioning as a member of the family.

Health clearances are vital. A dog can have a great nose and a wonderful temperament, but the structure of the dog must allow that nose and temperament to be able to get around! It's not enough to do health tests unless the dogs actually PASS those tests!

Breed Type: The perfect bloodhound hasn't been born yet, but we keep trying! Hopefully each generation gets better and better!

Quality Homes: "Pick of the litter" is depends a LOT on what they are being picked FOR! Not every puppy is going to be show quality. Sometimes a really beautiful puppy is born that has such a nose that they wouldn't be happy in the ring or on the couch. Some are happier on the couch than anywhere else. For us, a quality home for our puppies is the most important thing. Whether you show, trail or just want to smile at a bloodhound every morning, we want the best home possible for our babies. But be warned.....by buying one of our puppies, you will become a member of our extended family for the life of the puppy and beyond!


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All that being said........