GrCh (Can CH) Nimansway Ared Wink'N ANod, RN, Am/Can MT
OFA Good          CHIC# 51398
OFA Elbows and Cardiac Clear (Ultrasound), DM clear
Dam of Merit

Whether its trailing or strutting her stuff in the show ring, Sunshine has been a great addition to our household. I owe a debt of thanks to her breeder, Kit Van Niman, who chose my Gigolo to sire the litter. The red headed stepchild makes us all laugh and, although she was originally supposed to be "Wink," the nickname "Little Miss Sunshine" so suited her that it became her call name. She has her Rally Novice title, but her true joys are trailing and listening to her many admirers applauding around the ring. Sunshine is retired now, and primarily responsisble fro making sure the couch doesn't stray, but doing well.

Sunshine's pups are now passing their own OFA's and we are waiting to go into the ring with Sunshine and her Veteran Get....12 of the 13 pups from her first litter turned 7 in September! Winning the Brood Bitch catagory in the 2015 Nationals

Baby Sunshine


GrCh Nimansway Ared Wink'N Anod RN, MT

OFA Good OFA Elbows and Cardiac Clear, DM clear Passing CHIC #51398

Ch Wychway's All Spruced Up RN

OFA Excellent Elbows clear Cardiac Clear CERF PennHipp

Ch Button Bay Rach's Hickory

OFA Good OFA Elbows Clear

Ch Button Bay Hern's Blessing CD, RN, MT, BBHOF

OFA hips Good Elbows Clear Cardiac Clear Pennhip 0.24/0.24

Ch The Nimrod's Touch of the Myth CDX, TDX, MTI

OFA Excellent Hips OFA Elbows clear

Ch Button Bay's Yeager Nochello

OFA Fair elbows clear B&T (full coat)

Ch Sapphire's Last One Out

OFA Good OFA Elbows B&T

Ch Heathers Nimrod Stew Unplugged

OFA Good OFA Elbows Liver and Tan

Ch Willabee's Abram of Nimrod

Rainbo's True Color of Nimrod

Ch Twin Hyl's Wild Princess Ena

OFA Good OFA Elbows B&T


Hylbillies hi wild gypsy