GCh Pikespeak's USS Nimitz Docks @ Wychway BN CD, CHIC
 OFA Cardiac Clear, OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, DN Normal, OFA Thyroid Normal
OFA Records - Nim

Nim came into our lives from Lisa Befus in Colorado. Nim's start was a little rough, since Lisa had been evacuated from her home due to a forest fire and the first puppy was born on the floor of Motel 6 !! But a few days later, the new family was allowed to come home and thrive. Joe and I drove out to get her in a whirlwind trip of 3600 miles in less than 5 days, including the litter evaluation!! Nim startled all of us by finishing her Championship in less than 4 months with 5 majors and a single. She showed only 5 weekends, hardly even time to get used to it!! I look forward to her future in the rally and obedience rings as well as trailing and tracking. She is already showing so much promise!

Nim got her BN title with her obedience partner Renee and a first place finish at the 2015 Bloodhound Nationals. She got her first leg on her CD in January 2016 and then had a brief period away from the ring, but in May, she and Renee got that Companion Dog title with 2 second places and scores of 196 and 189! Even with 6 months out of the conformation ring, she was in the Top 20 bloodhounds in the US for most of the season. This summer we will be working on her RN and Mantrailing titles

We are currently planning a breeding in 2017 and i am sure she will excel in motherhood the way she has excelled at everything else she has tried!

GCh Heather's a Little Night Music

Top ranking, multiple group and specialty winning CHIC - Hips Excellent, Elbows & Cardiac Clear

GCh Heather's Knock on Wood

Multiple BIS & Specialty winner in both US and Canada. Winner of Eukanuba and first OFA CH of Health CHIC

Ch Heathers Nimrod Stew Unplugged

OFA Good OFA Elbows Liver and Tan

Ch Willabee's Abram of Nimrod

Rainbo's True Color of Nimrod

Ch Heaather's Truely Raising Cain

Rainbo's True Color of Nimrod

woeful savannahs matt magee

hurrican hugo

woeful celbrate savanah

Ch Twin Hyl's Wild Princess Ena

OFA Good OFA Elbows B&T


Hylbillies hi wild gypsy

CH Honey Tree's GGM Finest Hour BN, RN, MT CHIC

OFA Good, Elbows & cardiac cleared (ultrasound)CHIC

Riverbluff's Wakeful

OFA # 112 Born 6/6/74 Produced the first bloodhound frozen sperm litter in 1986



Ch Wychway's She's Indawggnito RN, MT BBHOF

OFA Good hips OFA elbows clear Cardiac Clear CHIC (B&T (full coat)

Ch Button Bay's Bigg Reddawgg

OFA Hips Fair OFA Elbows clear

Ch Wychway's Needs No Alderation RN, MT, BBHOF

OFA hips Good OFA Elbows Clear OFA cardiac clear PennHIP

Ch Smalltown's Knotty Knoggins

OFA Good OFA elbows clear

Ch Button Bay Hern's Blessing CD, RN, MT, BBHOF

OFA hips Good Elbows Clear Cardiac Clear Pennhip 0.24/0.24